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International Review of Applied Financial Issues
and Economics

Mercure University, Brussels, Belgium
Published by S.E.I.F at Paris
Subject areas: Finance/Economics
Frequency: Published quarterly
ISSN: 2382-2740



International Review of Applied Financial Issues and Economics is a quarterly international refereed review aiming at publishing high quality papers on all aspects of finance and economic, including namely traditional areas such as asset pricing, corporate finance, behavioral finance, hedging and risk management of financial instruments and market microstructure, as well as new areas such as markets and institutions of emerging markets. The focus of IRAFIE is devoted to researches that deal with international issues or issues related to specific countries.

Peer Review Statement

All papers submitted on the International Review of Applied Financial Issues and Economics have undergone rigorous peer review, consisting of initial screening by the editor and double-blind refereeing by at least two reviewers.

All research articles in this review should aim to be of interest to a broad readership, embracing researchers and practitioners across a range of specialisms and within a variety of organizations.



Article Highlights


For Readers

Terrorism and the Stock Market

G. Andrew Karolyi and Rodolfo Martell



Optimal Trading of Arbitrage Opportunities with Market Impact
Robert A. Jarrow



Some Notes on Golden Rules and Risk Aversion in a Merton Type Solow Growth Model

Christian-Oliver Ewal and Johannes Geissler



Pricing Credit-Rated Defaultable Coupon Bonds

Raj Jagannathan, Ehud Ronn and Wei Chen

Testing the Martingale Difference Hypothesis in UK Financial Markets

Lijun Fan and Terence C. Mills



Copula Correlation, Default Correlation and the Financial Crisis

Donald R. Chambers, Jeffrey Liebner and Qin Lu


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